Natsuiro Kiseki Review

Hello there. This is review number thirty eight. I’m reviewing Natsuiro Kiseki. I saw this on the Spring lineup and I just vomited a little. It’s another K-on rip off. I apologize if my review had a lot of K-on bashing. I hate that anime. I hate it because a lot of lackluster anime came after it like Hyakko and A-channel.

It’s created by Sunrise and SquareEnix that also created Danshi Nichijou though. They try to cater to the crowd KyoAni used to have so I am intrigued how they’ll put a twist to this anime. Its twelve episodes about girls spending summer vacation. Let’s read on.

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Daily Lives of High School Boys Review

Hello. This is my sixth review. I’m here to review another comedy anime. Before I dive in, I want to talk about the K-on effect. I made the word up but ever since this damn anime took notoriety, quality in anime significantly drops. A lot of studios followed the same path of K-on hoping to cash in on the anime’s hype. After K-on, a lot of copy cats came like Hyakko, A-channel and Yuru Yuri. All of these titles are different but they share one annoying detail. They are about everyday life of four girls in school. The K-on effect is annoying as hell. I’ll expand on it another day in another blog.

People seem to forget that before K-on was released by KyoAni, they had another four girl anime. It relies on comedy rooted from everyday life and the interaction of the girls. Crap, that sounds like K-on. No, I’m talking about Lucky Star. Forget it? That anime established K-on so imagine an anime with the same format but the characters are all boys.

I know it’s a stretch but, to me, that is Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. It’s a twelve anime episode about the everyday life of high school boys. It’s pretty unique but oddly familiar.

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Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service) Review

Hello there. Here I am to bring another pant less review. This is review number three out of a thousand. I am very serious about that impossible goal and I’m actually enjoying dishing out reviews. I’m reviewing anime that I recently finished. I want to review anime close to my heart but those anime are blurry now. The anime I’m about to review is something I recently finished. It’s so recent; it’s only an hour old.

The anime is titled Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service). It’s a twelve episode anime that I personally enjoy. It’s not perfect but I’m really glad I picked it up.

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