Sengoku Collection Review

This is review number one hundred and twenty two. This is another Spring 2012 anime. Yeah, I’m not done yet with this lineup. I’m trying to cover all the bases just to make sure. The anime I’ll be reviewing is Sengoku Collection. It’s a twenty six episode anime about girl versions of Sengoku personalities stuck in the modern world trying to adapt to daily life. It sounds nice, huh? Let’s read on.

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Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox Review

This is review number one hundred and eighteen. It’s part of the Spring 2011 lineup. The Fall 2012 lineup has also ended so I’m going to be busy before the year ends. Tomorrow will be the supposed end of the world though. This is the umpteenth time someone declare the world ending so screw that sh*t. I’m going out to get drunk.

Anyways, the anime I’ll be reviewing is Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox or “Battle Girls: Time Paradox”. It’s a thirteen episode anime about a girl travelling back in time and meeting a sexy wild version of Nobunaga Oda. Yeah. Let’s read on.

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Young Animator Training Project (2011) Review

This is review number one hundred and thirteen. It’s the Young Animator Training Project and it’s part of the Spring lineup. I really love the 2010 Young Animator Training Project so I love the fact we get another one. I’m also sad we didn’t get one for 2012. What the hell? Japan ran out of funding? Anyways, this is a collection of four short anime designed to be pretty amazing. It really is. Let’s read on.

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Manyuu Hikenchou Review

This is review number one hundred and two. It’s still part of the Summer 2011 lineup as I wait eagerly for the Fall 2012 lineup to end. It’s already halfway through so it’s getting exciting. The anime I’ll be reviewing though is an Ecchi anime called Manyuu Hikenchou or Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll. Yeah. It’s a twelve episode anime full of boobs.

Seriously, after seeing this anime, I don’t want to see another pair of boobs for the rest of the month (because I’m sure another Ecchi is lying in the corner waiting to be reviewed). This anime is full of boobs. Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, and more boobs. Let’s read on.

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Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna Review

Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna Review

Hello there. That top ten list really revitalized me. I am very proud of this review than the ones before it and the reason was my mind was cloudy when I made the previous ones. Oh well, they can’t all the decent reviews. This is review number thirty nine and whoa, I didn’t realize I was near my 50th goal. I do plan to review a thousand but the most attainable at the moment is fifty followed by a hundred. I’m taking baby steps.

The anime this time is the newest addition to the Lupin franchise after twenty five years!!! They did make a ton of movies in between though. “Lupin the Third, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine” is a thirteen episode anime about Lupin’s love interest, Fujiko. If you plan on watching it, prepare to drown in a sea of boobs! Let’s read on.

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