Another OVA Review

Hello there. This is the Pantless Anime Blogger with another review. This is review number fourteen of my goal to reach a thousand. It’s June here in my country (wordpress is in American time so its still May 31 officially). It’s June here and that means that I’ve lasted a month blogging and making GIFs. I’ve had some pretty good views thanks to my MAL account. It seems like people in MAL are the only people viewing this crap. Haha.

I’m going to review an OVA today. I won’t follow my usual format of Story/Review/Art Review because an OVA is a diiferent creature than a regular anime series. The OVA I’m going to review is Another OVA. I love the series so much that I immediately downloaded the OVA. After watching it, I can tell you that this humble blogger urges everybody else to try it. I recommend this even if you’ve never watched the original series. Let’s read on.

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