Blood-C Review

This is review number one hundred and three. I’m slowing down on my reviews because I’m losing time to watch anime. Stupid prior obligations. I’m still going for my goal though and nothing will stop me. I’m reviewing an anime of the Summer 2011 lineup. It’s Blood C. It’s that anime where Saya is reduced to a normal girl slaying demons. Say goodbye to the anti-hero Saya or the strong willed Saya. We now have…this.

Things aren’t what they appear to be though and this anime is a great example why you should never trust your first impression of an anime. They’re usually wrong. Let’s read on.

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Paprika Review

This is review number one hundred. Yes, I’ve done it. I wrote in my very first blog that I might not even reach 100 because I was a bit of a mess back then but after five months, I’ve reached 10% of my goal. It’s not much but it’s a huge accomplishment for me. I want to say thank you LtColInsane for leaving comments in my blog. I also want to thank you Horatiu for visiting my site. Also for ILoveJapan1596”, if you’re reading this then thank you.

I’ll be reviewing Paprika. It’s a movie directed by Satoshi Kon and I already have this movie planned for my 100th review. I have watched and reviewed all of his movies now. I just need to see Paranoia Agent and I’ve completed his filmography. Paprika is a nice movie. Just watch it. Go!

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Zetman Review

Hello there. This is review number thirty seven out of a thousand. This is part of the Spring 2012 lineup. I’m going to review Zetman. A manga made in 1989-1994 but only animated now in 2012. Isn’t that interesting? Can a 90s story appeal to a moe induced f*cked up audience?

Its thirteen episodes long and I did hesitate before picking up the anime mainly because of the art. It looks unappealing to my moe eyes. Anyways, I hope my review persuades you. Let’s read on.

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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Review

Hello there. This is review number thirty three. Yes, it’s part of the Spring anime line up. There was actually huge hype when this anime was released so I had to bite my hand several times to stop myself from watching it while it was on going. I’m talking about Tasogare Otome x Amnesia or Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.

Judging by the gloomy picture it had on MAL, I thought the anime would be like XXXholic or something. I imagine it to be something scary yet exciting. The long haired chick does look cute. That’s enough to pick an anime up, right? Haha. Anyways, its twelve episodes long. Let’s read on.

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Sankarea Review

Hello there. This is review number thirty two and I’ll review another Spring 2012 anime. I already have a list of the shows I wanna watch though I do plan to watch them all. I have twelve anime I placed on my “watch first” list. Some of them are pretty amazing, I bet. The one that made me curious though is a twelve episode anime called Sankarea.

I just saw the girls face and it captivated me. I don’t know the plot or whatever but I immediately placed in my list. The girl is pretty hot, whoever she is. Anyways, let’s read on.

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Perfect Blue Review

Hello there. This is the pant-less anime blogger with another review. This is review number ten. Hurrah! I began my first step in my quest for a thousand reviews. I’m 1% there and I know the journey is just beginning. I will still rejoice though.

I’ve decided that I’ll do a movie review every time I get to the 10s number. Movies are pretty easy to review and my opinions about them are more long lasting than anime reviews. Now that I’ve gotten out of the gate, I plan to review other genres like yaoi, yuri and hentai: the unholy three. Yup, it’ll be a very wonderful/painful/horny journey ahead.

Anyways, the anime I’m about to review is directed by Satoshi Kon. His is a master of storytelling with works like Paranoia Agent,  Tokyo Godfathers and the anime I’m about to review: Perfect Blue. Satoshi sadly died back in 2010 but his works will live forever. I feel honored to review one of his works. Let’s read on.

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Another Review

This is my fourth review. This is an anime I watched in one sitting. It’s strong indication that it’s a really good series. I am very plot oriented so when I tell you a plot is good, it’s really good. The anime I’m talking about is titled Another. It’s a twelve episode anime that I truly can say is a great mystery anime.

I recently watched Ookami Kakushi and I could tell you that anime needed a bit of Another’s charm. That anime was a huge letdown. Luckily, my spirits was revitalized after watching this one.

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