TPAB’s Top Ten: Villains

Hello there. My laptop gave out on me for the third time this month. First it was a hard drive error, then it’s a cable error and now it’s a power supply error. My reviews will be put on hold. No more daily anime reviews until I get the thing running again or if I’ll be lucky enough to get another laptop/computer. I’ll be missing the spring anime conclusion which sucks dirt balls. The episodes are in my laptop and I just feel defeated. So f*cking defeated.

In the meantime, I’m in a computer shop. The guy next to me is screaming for first aid while he plays some game, I dunno, Counter Strike maybe. I’ll be doing a generic top ten list. Everybody has done them and they’re easy as soap bubbles. This is my top ten villains list and I do apologize in advance if you hate the list. The list is done post haste and maybe I’ll do a proper one in the near future. I do feel the characters in this list have left an impression on me so that’s why they appear on my mind as I write this list in a god awful unventilated computer shop.

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