Blood C GIFs: It’s Not CLAMP Unless Someone Loses An Eye

Here are some of the death scenes in the anime Blood C. These are my personal favorite death scenes but there are a lot of them in the anime. This alone is enough to watch this awesome show. I can’t wait to see the movie.

Click on the image so it’ll open in a new tab so the pic can load faster. ^^

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Another GIFs: Umbrellas Can Kill You.

I love the death scenes in Another. The animation was so good and the gore was just right. PA Works did a bang up job with it. If they can keep this break through streak they have, they might topple KyoAni’s rise to fame back in ’06. What they need now is revolutionary anime that isn’t K-on. Haha.

If you have doubts about picking up Another. I simply have three things to show you. Check out the GIFs and convince yourself to watch this awesome anime.

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