Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! Review

Hello there. This is review number twelve and I’m going to talk about an anime who you shouldn’t trust upon first impression. A lot of people drop anime because the first episode didn’t appeal to them and I really pity them. Some anime are deceptively plain but relatively complex upon further watching.

I learned my lesson after watching “Tactics”. It’s a supernatural anime that comes plain and boring at first. The anime is very nice and packed with action but only does after half way through. You have to give an anime a chance and you’ll be the one to benefit in the end.

The anime I’m about to review is called Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! It’s a twelve episode anime about being a family. Yeah, look at that picture and doubt me. Let’s read on.

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Dantalian No Shoka Review

Hello there. Before I begin, I must tell you that I love malware. They enter your computer and conquer it. They interfere with your download and slow your computer down. I had to reformat my damn laptop just to get it working again. I lost a lot of my programs and that prevented me to do a review the past few days. Curse on those malwares. I love them so much.

Anywas, this is review number eleven of a thousand. Today I am going to review a supernatural anime. I think it’s a mystery but I’m not entirely sure. The anime is entitled “Dantalian no Shoka”. It’s a twelve episode anime about magical books. It reminds me a lot of Go Sick, something I’ll discuss more deeply in my review. Let’s read on.

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Perfect Blue Review

Hello there. This is the pant-less anime blogger with another review. This is review number ten. Hurrah! I began my first step in my quest for a thousand reviews. I’m 1% there and I know the journey is just beginning. I will still rejoice though.

I’ve decided that I’ll do a movie review every time I get to the 10s number. Movies are pretty easy to review and my opinions about them are more long lasting than anime reviews. Now that I’ve gotten out of the gate, I plan to review other genres like yaoi, yuri and hentai: the unholy three. Yup, it’ll be a very wonderful/painful/horny journey ahead.

Anyways, the anime I’m about to review is directed by Satoshi Kon. His is a master of storytelling with works like Paranoia Agent,  Tokyo Godfathers and the anime I’m about to review: Perfect Blue. Satoshi sadly died back in 2010 but his works will live forever. I feel honored to review one of his works. Let’s read on.

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Hourou Musuko Review

Hello there. Here is another review for my quest to reach a thousand. This is review number nine and today I’ll talk about a slice of life anime. I know the genre has a bit of a bad rep for being slow and boring. I have my fair share of slice of life anime I hate. It’s a hard genre to love but most of the time; the genre delivers some of the best anime around. Sure it doesn’t have gravity defying stuff or super powered beings fighting for two weeks and such but the genre holds something truly unique. It is real. The genre borrows real life subjects and turns it magical.

I remember my first slice of life, it was Asatte no Houkou. I was really captivated by it. It’s very slow and boring but life isn’t all about message in a bottles or dragons in your backyard. I am in love with this genre and I hope I can convince you try this one today.

The anime is entitled Hourou Musuko. It’s an eleven episode anime about gender identity. Let’s read on.

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Freezing Review

Hello there. This is review number seven out of a thousand. Yes, I’m reaching that goal one review at a time. The weekend is over so I picked up another anime to review. Just like the previous reviews, this anime is something I recently finished. I am slowly stocking anime until the Spring 2012 anime ends. I can’t review an anime without watching all of it so the road to my goal is a tough one.

My list already has 500 anime in it and I would like to review an anime I’ve seen when I was young but I feel that review it would be crappy. My reviews are crappy now but it would be ultra crappy if I review an old anime I’ve seen. I’ll need to skim through then to do a proper review. In the meantime, I’m watching new ones.

The anime I am about to review is titled “Freezing”. It’s a twelve episode anime full of boobs and panty shots. Two things a guy like me can enjoy. Let’s read on.

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Daily Lives of High School Boys Review

Hello. This is my sixth review. I’m here to review another comedy anime. Before I dive in, I want to talk about the K-on effect. I made the word up but ever since this damn anime took notoriety, quality in anime significantly drops. A lot of studios followed the same path of K-on hoping to cash in on the anime’s hype. After K-on, a lot of copy cats came like Hyakko, A-channel and Yuru Yuri. All of these titles are different but they share one annoying detail. They are about everyday life of four girls in school. The K-on effect is annoying as hell. I’ll expand on it another day in another blog.

People seem to forget that before K-on was released by KyoAni, they had another four girl anime. It relies on comedy rooted from everyday life and the interaction of the girls. Crap, that sounds like K-on. No, I’m talking about Lucky Star. Forget it? That anime established K-on so imagine an anime with the same format but the characters are all boys.

I know it’s a stretch but, to me, that is Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. It’s a twelve anime episode about the everyday life of high school boys. It’s pretty unique but oddly familiar.

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Shinryaku! Ika Musume Review

This is review number five out of a thousand. Yes, I’m still going strong to reach that impossible goal. The anime I’m about to review is Shinryaku! Ika Musume. It’s a twelve episode anime that I’ve been curious to watch ever seen I’ve seen her face all over the internet. The tagline “Squid girl” also tickled my curiosity so I got a copy and watched the anime last night. It’s well….interesting, I guess.

My curiosity has played a cruel joke on me once again. Anyways, here is my review.

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Another Review

This is my fourth review. This is an anime I watched in one sitting. It’s strong indication that it’s a really good series. I am very plot oriented so when I tell you a plot is good, it’s really good. The anime I’m talking about is titled Another. It’s a twelve episode anime that I truly can say is a great mystery anime.

I recently watched Ookami Kakushi and I could tell you that anime needed a bit of Another’s charm. That anime was a huge letdown. Luckily, my spirits was revitalized after watching this one.

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Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service) Review

Hello there. Here I am to bring another pant less review. This is review number three out of a thousand. I am very serious about that impossible goal and I’m actually enjoying dishing out reviews. I’m reviewing anime that I recently finished. I want to review anime close to my heart but those anime are blurry now. The anime I’m about to review is something I recently finished. It’s so recent; it’s only an hour old.

The anime is titled Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service). It’s a twelve episode anime that I personally enjoy. It’s not perfect but I’m really glad I picked it up.

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Ookami Kakushi Review

Hello there. This is the pant less anime blogger here to blog about anime. I’ll leave it your imagination if you want to think I really am pant less. Maybe if I was a girl blogger I could snap a couple of pictures and tease you a bit. Sadly I am not. I’m a guy and I’m pant less. I’ll show you the door. What? You came here to read my review. Huzzah!

I recently finished this anime so my opinions are rather fresh. The anime is titled “Ookami Kakushi”. According to MAL (, the anime is of the Action, Horror, Mystery and Supernatural genre. I don’t know about that.

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