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As you all know, I watch every possible anime in a lineup. I often find myself having a pretty unique experience with each anime I randomly pick up from a seasonal lineup. I walk in blind and come out often enjoying/regretting the experience. It’s really one of the great things about being The Pantless Anime Blogger.

The current lineups are f*cking heavyweight monsters. For some reason, anime is picking up momentum and you see animation studios releasing two shows in one season. New small studios are also releasing new stuff. Earlier seasons used to have thirty as the biggest collection of time wasters. Now, this sh*t has gone up to fifty and the perfectionist inside me is laughing like a deranged maniac. I want to keep things mellow for now. Let’s try something new for a change. I decided to poll the Fall 2010 lineup. I plan on finishing up Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 before I move on to new lineups but I wanted to keep the polls going.

This is a really old lineup. I am curious just what people enjoyed in this lineup from five years ago. The polls are open and you can vote more than once. Really, point me to the best (and the worst, if you’re a douchebag) this lineup has to offer

———————     Here are the rules —————————

1. Vote on the anime you want reviewed. This poll has ALL the anime of Fall 2010 (excluding second seasons and obviously long running shows). I did not include second season of some anime since I need to watch the first season to properly review it. I think Tegami Bachi is cut.

2. Every week, the highest voted show will be reviewed. For this poll, you can vote more than once. Spam the hell out of an anime and tell me it’s so good that I should see it immediately.

3. No spoilers. I’ll keep the comment box open but I will kill you if you go in there and talk about why I should watch a particular anime. Just say that “it’s good.” or “it sucks”. That’s all I need to know.

4. No fan raging if you don’t like my review. I try to be impartial and I defend most anime but don’t hate when I am not as impressed with the show as you. We can hash it out if you want but I can only be open minded if you are open minded.

5. This poll closes on July 1, 2015. With my schedule, it’s best to close this poll early and just make a checklist of the lineup. I added a deadline to keep things in order for me and my sanity.


Alrighty. Happy voting.

Let’s all enjoy them pant-less.


51 thoughts on “Review Poll

  1. I like this idea a lot. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer, but when I try to view the results they don’t show up properly. I’ve only seen Kill La Kill, so yeah. Not too much input there. I like what I’ve seen so far though.

  2. This is a pretty neat idea so I’m looking forward to seeing what ends up getting picked. I ended up voting for Refrain since that was my personal favorite of the fall season, I have a lot of love for it as I do with just about every Key adaptation. It seems that Golden Time has the most votes right now though, I don’t mind that either since that’s my second favorite of the season actually. Well, tied with KLK anyway.

    I suppose there is still time, but just curious, since it seems there are a great many series with no votes at all, what would you do in the event that these series all remain at 0 votes? I’m the picky type of person that wants to review almost everything I see, though admittedly I’ve watched much less of the season than you have apparently. Might not stay that way but 10 series with the least votes is quite a lot.

    • I watch the most voted then the least voted then the most voted again. For zero votes, I watch it alphabetically. It doesn’t matter, I’ll review them all in the end. This is just a way to make things interesting.

      • Sorry for the really late reply, I’ve been pretty busy with school so my schedule’s been pretty ugly lately.

        Gotcha, I guess if you do intend to get to them all then it won’t make too big a difference anyway, just a matter of time. I suppose the 0 votes thing isn’t too big an issue now either since only 3 of them have that.

        By the way, I just noticed that White Album 2 isn’t on your list so I’m assuming you haven’t given that a watch yet. If you do find the time for it I would definitely recommend it, it’s an amazing series that I personally would say is my favorite of 2013 (and my latest 10/10 series, which really took me by surprise) and contrary to its name you don’t actually have to watch the original White Album anime to comprehend the storyline. It’s only 13 episodes so it already finished up with the end of the fall anime season (which surprises me even more since typically I have a lot of gripes with development or pacing in a standalone one-cour anime, not the case with this one).

    • so is Golden Time. I f*cked up. I never imagined there’d be more than ten 25 plus episode anime in a single lineup. I’ll let it stay there for sh*ts and giggles. That means I can’t possibly catch up with Winter 2014 because of how unfair Fall 2013 is.

  3. Thx for taking your time to blog. It really can save a lot of time for viewers. Then again, if you’re behind a season or two it kinda loses the point… I’d say either sacrifice some anime or risk this blog becoming ancient history.

    • Oh lol. While I do appreciate the suggestion, I am in no hurry to catch up to new shows. I’ll review what I can review. Seeing this blog become “ancient history” doesn’t concern me. I love watching anime and reviewing them. That’s good enough for me.

  4. I am very impressed by your reviews. I would like to add suggestions for you to make it user friendly.
    First, I highly suggest more general organization on the website, so that old reviews can be indiscriminately and easily accessed. Probably by putting them all in one page. Don’t do it by date or else no one will bother looking at the old reviews.
    Second, post quick comments about currently airing or notices of oncoming episodes for 1-3 episodes. This way users can know which anime are airing as well. Preferably anime that you will finish reviewing at the end.
    Thirdly, do calculate your review output speed…to how much longer its going to take to reach your goal.

    • Thank you for the comment. Now, you have to understand how this site works. Firstly, people just google the anime they want to see a review of. Afterwards, they check the main list or the seasonal list. There is no reason to categorize reviews by old or new. They’re still reviews and I wrote them all.
      Secondly, I don’t watch on going shows. I don’t care if I’m not updated. Too many shows are left unnoticed because people hype up other shows. I want my site to be nuetral. I’ll watch all the shows and readers can expect detailed ones for even the most underrated of shows.
      Thirdly, I’m in no rush to reach my goal. I’m in it for the journey, not about hurrying to my goal. I can’t enjoy the experience that way. 🙂

  5. Try to make a rubric for your anime scoring so its more accurate, thus reliable. Your detailed review backs up the score, but the score can only be reliable and accurate with an unbiased rubric.

    I understand your work. But i also hope you understand it doesn’t help the popularity of your blog, nor does the actual review help viewers. Only your scoring does and even thats not yet reliable. Let me be honest, no one cares about reading long reviews. People come to reviews to easily find anime that they can trust. That trust is found by seeing a detailed review, but all they look at is the scoring. Spoiling is fine, but people will not look at it. People will rather watch an anime than read a book no?
    Most other review websites give crap summary so their scoring is unreliable and sometimes wrong.
    Focus on the scoring, back it with a detailed review, review recent anime. Get your goal, help others.

    • Part of the reason why I write detailed review is because review scores are unreliable. Some bad shows are hard to rate while some decent shows are hard to place with bad shows. Some great shows have bad endings and they’ll be sharing a score with a bad show. I have tried to create an objective scoring system but it’s impossible since my subjective standards cannot be properly explained by some measly number. That’s why I write long reviews. I want readers to understand that a number can’t properly explain a good or bad anime.

      I sectioned my reviews in an easy to read structure. If they don’t want to read it then that’s fine. Don’t expect a single number to explain 8 pages worth of a review though. If they simply want to see a number represent a review then they should check other site out. I’m alright with that. The way this site is running is perfect at the moment. It doesn’t need any changes. Maybe people should try running a blog first to understand how complex it can be rather than just blindly tell bloggers what to do. :/

  6. I see many people voted for Baby Steps, so you should know that it will be 2-cour, the same as Mahouka and Captain Earth. Wixoss will be a split season, with Season 2 in Fall 2014.

    You are not covering any Winter shows? I recall one of them, Noragami, was really good, and the most solid of that season. I’d really like to see your opinions on that show, and maybe give you some extra knowledge on the series.

  7. So after voting just now, I checked the current status of the voting results. No Game No Life being #1 on the list is no surprise. Although I was really tempted to select it, I decided not to since it was such a mainstream anime. Since it’s a popular anime, it’s pretty obvious as to what the reaction will be.

    I was hoping you’d consider reviewing the second season of Love Live. Simply put, it disappointed me in the first season. Though, after reading your review on the second season of Hiiro no Kakera, I’ve been inspired to go back and continue Hiiro no Kakera (and Love Live when it’s finished). Other than the great music, I’d like some hope on whether this anime will fix its holes. Thanks. 🙂

  8. List of anime I watched so far…

    Finish it all and I love it:
    1 – Mahouka
    2 – No Game No Life
    3 – Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
    4 – Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to
    5 – Sidonia no Kishi

    Good to watch on free time: (somehow manage to finish)
    1 – Hitsugi no Chaika
    2 – Ryuugajou Nanana
    3 – Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara
    4 – Atelier Escha & Logy

    Good to watch on free time: (somehow unable to finish)
    Selector Infected WIXOSS, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Gokukoku no Brynhildr

    Watched few episode and will not consider to watch:
    Date A Live II, Love Live! School Idol, Seikoku no Dragonar

    Will consider to watch
    Akuma no Riddle, M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ , Blade & Soul

    I was hoping to read a review that are surprisingly good and yet somehow I miss it. I don’t want to miss a good anime. The best so far for me is Mahouka. Isshuukan Friends have some good review from other site. Might also consider to watch it.

  9. Hi, TPAB, Jazzy here. I just wanted to say, do you have any real preference in animes? Or is it real random? Like, for example, I prefer action over romance, but what about you?

    (Tehe, I reviewed incomplete shows. I can’t help myself. They were too great to me, and I really loved them, so I knew they couldn’t let me down. Right? *murderous glance. Mwahaha!*)

    • I can basically watch anything. The only real preference for me is that they have to be 12 episodes and such. I can’t invest much in longer anime and my limit is fifty or sixty episodes. So, I have never seen the big three (Naruto, One Piece and Bleach). If it’s twelve or thirteen episodes, I can really endure however bad it is since it’s not that long.
      I finish 12/13 episodes in two days if I am motivated enough.

      As for genre, per se, I don’t really know how I work with yuri since I never tried it. Every other genre works for me.

      I’m glad to meet such an enthusiastic reviewer lol.

      • Wow, for me too, big animes are just too long as well. And then I get a little bored. Or I find another interesting anime and ditch that anime. Hunter X Hunter is another pretty long anime, but then…Fairy Tail is too. Ah well. I guess it’s true that there aren’t a lot of yuri animes…

        I’m really glad to meet you too, TPAB! You are an amazing anime blogger and I really look up to you.
        My role model! ~Waifu!~ :3

  10. what a daunting task to review such an incredible number of anime. some have a huge amount of episodes in the show, that it is mind bending to watch them back to back in order to keep a perspective of the continuity. what comes to mind for me is like this detective conan crap, which, let’s face it was not all that great right?
    at the same time, how do you rate the mufti-dimensional importance of shorter shows like say, space dandy or any of the aria stuff in terms of fine art and originality.
    still hoping for anime to evolve into more animated pen and ink watercolor type renditions with multifaceted story boards so that even kids can become enthralled with the epic expression of this great form of emotional expression.

      • Kind of a toned – down hentai, I guess?
        Meaning lots of sexual noises, boobs, but the *ahem* guy parts aren’t exposed. Oh, and lots of sex.
        Did I mention the sex already?
        Oh, and um
        *Minor Spoiler*

        Incest, and I believe the sister gives him a blow job at some point. Sorry for the spoiler if you read this far ;c

        • yeah, you kinda ruined in it. Incest blow job sounds like a fierce topic for a regular anime though so I am really curious now. So shut it. 😛

  11. hmm this is interesting Ill have to check up again, looking forward to a bakuman review, I personally enjoyed the show quite alot

      • Thats pretty brutal but I’m guessing, that after you finish that, you’ll only watch the first season of Bakuman, or are you going to just watch it all at once

        • no, sorry. just the first season for now. After I finish this lineup then I do plan on watching the second season of everything in this season including the other two seasons of The World God Only knows and such.

  12. You should try watching Denpa Kyoushi. Normally, an anime about otaku teacher will be freaking awesome, and it is…. The manga at least. The anime still follows the manga faithfully at least, too bad it got ruined by overly bright color pallete, awkward facial expression, cringe-worthy animation, and a whiny imouto who supposed to be a tsundere.

  13. Please review rwby. You will not regret it. Plus you will searched for a lot on Google since no big names have properly reviewed this yet.

  14. I highly recommend Re Zero. Its 15/25 episodes currently and its spring 2016. Love it so much and im a complete fanboy over it. Whats so amazing about it was how it wasn’t hyped at all when the list of animes of spring 2016 came out but now, more and more people are checking it out. That alone proves how strong of a competitor it is. Definitely anime of the year for me. 🙂 Check it out if u haven’t. I would love to see u review it when it finishes airing 🙂

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