The Girl in Summer Shorts or GISS will have her own section called “A Handful of GISS”. This is where readers can share their thoughts on the anime and have it actually featured in the review. Your opinions matter as much as mine does.

A lot of people love a certain anime but they don’t join in because they’re in the minority. Some people can’t say they hate Cowboy Bebop because a lot of people will stab them in the chest for saying it. I know a sh*t ton of people wanted to call me out on my Mahouka review for hating on the main character. I know a lot of people want to talk about how a certain anime changed them, how their favorite moment from the show affected or how a character changed their lives. I also know some of you are too polite to call my review garbage even though it often clearly is one. I know some of your hugely disagree with what I write in my reviews. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. LET A HANDFUL OF GISS SHARE YOUR SENTIMENT.

There are some ground rules though for this one:

1. Keep it at one or two sentences. Animating a moving mouth is f*cking tough. Please spare me. You are welcome to write a long comment. It’s your thoughts so don’t be scared to write something as long as my review. If I like your comment then I’ll just pick a few parts of it for GISS to say.

2. It’s better if your comment is a smart remark to the anime. I’m not clever enough to make cool one liners but I think it’s best to not over complicate things.

3. I’ll add more than one GIF if necessary. As long as I think your comment makes sense then I will add it in GISS’ section so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts as well.

4. Don’t expect a GIF so soon. I am literally a busy guy and flash animation takes a lot of free time. Still, I’ll put in the effort as long as my silent stalkers put in effort as well.

5. You aren’t required to sign up to gravatar. You can remain anonymous if you want but I will be crediting your for your remark so it’s best to put a name in. If you have a blog to shamefully promote then I’ll put it in as well. Don’t put links in the comments though. I hate that and I will edit it out. You’ve been warned.

6. You aren’t required to agree with my review. As long as it’s an honest opinion of the anime that seems subjective, with no hidden intentions of bait trolling or upsetting others, then you should comment it. I’ll happily consider it.

I want this new section of my reviews to be fun and interactive. I’m not an active member of the anime community and I never really make the effort to be one. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t value other people’s opinion. I’m not a selfish pr*ck who thinks his reviews are absolute. Let GISS be a symbol of all my silent internet stalkers. C’mon guys, let’s all have fun with this one.

It’s time for everyone to get a handful of GISS.

3 thoughts on “GISS

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  2. Hello! I truly love your blog so far and especially some of the Anime’s you’ve reviewed!! I wanted to know your thoughts on the anime Skip Beat! and whether you think there will be a second season. 🙂

  3. You’ve been slacking on your goal (last review in August). But I can’t blame you, because after seeing Tokyo Ghoul, your expectations heighten. I wouldn’t want to watch the other trash that is out there either. Stop torturing yourself and review Samurai Champloo & Death Note already 😉

These are my thoughts. Feel free to add yours.

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