Hyping Up: KyoAni Brilliant Rant

I was weirdly motivated in doing this post. I wanted to finish it before Shoka changes time zones, and I also wanted Ply to see it on his birthday. Cheers to you, you bastards. This is a Discord conversation turned into a comic. Again, it’s a rough prototype but I do hope you guys enjoy. Feedback is greatly appreciated.  Continue reading

Hyping Up: Your Lie In April

So hey, I’m doing something new. I’m pretty excited to watch Your Lie in April, so I wanted to get myself hyped for it. Wiki will spoil me, the comment threads are often puddles of sadness, so I decided to just knock on a few ani-bloggers to get me hyped about the show. Is it good? Bad? Well, I asked Shoka and AstralGemini, and this was the end result.

Hey guys, I’m about to watch Your Lie In April. Have you seen it?



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