Anime Blogs Awards 2019

Banners for Anime Blogs Award 2019

So yeah, I’m nominated for a blog awards thing.

I’m not really sure if I can win this, but a little support is cool. It has ANN and Crunchyroll in it. I’m apparently approached too, so here we are.

Just click the link to vote!

Voting ends October 13. Hey, thanks for the love!

6 thoughts on “Anime Blogs Awards 2019

    • It’s not a scam. It’s a link exchange, and when you do win, they give you a prize. They do this for some Travel blogs. This one’s for Anime blogs. This is much like They usually search for blogs that have high amounts of readers and when your readers vote for you in the contest, you win and they give the price.

      It’s a contest. Whoever has the largest vote in the end wins. So try to ask from your family and friends to vote for you.

      There’s nothing to lose in voting contests such as these. They don’t ask for money. Once you win, your blog will be on their number one list on that page. Just like this

      • Nice try. It’s definitely a marketing scam that benefits them. Otherwise, all the sites listed there would have the award banner if it was truly “legitimate”.
        I did research and find the company to be another suspicious Indonesian company.
        It’s also the “same person” with the “same name” who contacted me from a different company before.
        Plus, the example website you also linked is very suspicious too – along with randomly linking your own blog for no reason.

        • I believe those sites that don’t have the banners are owners that don’t want the link exchange but were included because they answered the email anyway. But it could be that they won’t get included in the price pool since they don’t have the banner, as far as I know. As for benefits, yes their is a benefit. It’s a link exchange.

          It’s okay if you don’t believe in these things but if you just look up “best bloggers voting sites” you’ll find there’s a lot of them.

          • Dude, stop trying to trick me. Your reasoning doesn’t make sense either.
            It’s not a link exchange benefit for dealing with suspicious/illegal companies. If ever, it contributes on bringing your public reputation down.

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