Hidan no Aria GIFs

It’s hard to resist the Kinji X Aria connection. The gun toting tsundere coupled with the sharp shooting bad ass. They make a really good couple.  It reminds me a lot of Shana and Yuuji from Shakugan no Shana. I think Aria needs her own catchphrase. Super plus points if Aria goes “urusai, urusai, urusai!!!”. Haha

My gif making ability is slowly improving. I need more practice though. It’s all good. In due time. XD I suggest opening the gifs in a new window for it to load faster.

2 thoughts on “Hidan no Aria GIFs

  1. lol you know i really liked Kinji … i would of liked Aria more if she didn’t look like she was 12 😛 mind you the interactions between the two of them was always funny.


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