Fate Zero (Season Two) Review

Hello there. Yes, I am back damn it. I am back after my computer gave up on me. I had to slap some sense back into it. Haha. I said to myself that I’ll do a movie review when I hit a number divisible by ten. This is review number thirty and I’m sorry, no movie review this time.

I want to review an anime part of the Spring 2012 line up that ended when my laptop was in the repair shop. An anime I have been dying to see since I saw the first part some time ago. Fate Zero season two which continues the battles season one stopped in. I get to see some more Gilgamesh action and even more Saber awesomeness. This is my review. Let’s read on.

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TPAB’s Top Ten: Villains

Hello there. My laptop gave out on me for the third time this month. First it was a hard drive error, then it’s a cable error and now it’s a power supply error. My reviews will be put on hold. No more daily anime reviews until I get the thing running again or if I’ll be lucky enough to get another laptop/computer. I’ll be missing the spring anime conclusion which sucks dirt balls. The episodes are in my laptop and I just feel defeated. So f*cking defeated.

In the meantime, I’m in a computer shop. The guy next to me is screaming for first aid while he plays some game, I dunno, Counter Strike maybe. I’ll be doing a generic top ten list. Everybody has done them and they’re easy as soap bubbles. This is my top ten villains list and I do apologize in advance if you hate the list. The list is done post haste and maybe I’ll do a proper one in the near future. I do feel the characters in this list have left an impression on me so that’s why they appear on my mind as I write this list in a god awful unventilated computer shop.

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Guilty Crown Review

Hello there. This is review number twenty nine. I ran out of winter anime to watch. The spring line up still has some episodes to air so I’m lost. Therefore, I’ll review the Fall 2011 line up. I’ll start things off with a great one. Guilty Crown.

It’s a twenty two episode anime that I really enjoyed. I hope you enjoy this anime too. Let’s read on.

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Black Rock Shooter GIFs: Mato and BRS Showdown

I had the annoying task of reuploading the pictures in my blog because my bandwidth gave up on me. It’s the first time it ever happened though I guess its expected since I’ve had the account since ’08. Some of the blogs are still picture-less but whatever. Que sera sera, I guess.

Anyways, I suppose I should thank people for trafficing my site till the bandwidth gave out. I’ve been pantless for two months now and I got a thousand views already. Thank you. Thanks to all those who lurks in my site. I wanna thank those who give me some feedback especially. : )

Enjoy some Black Rock Shooter GIFs. There are three of them. The quality isn’t that nice. I suggest opening the gifs on a new tab for it to load faster.

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Winter 2011-12 Anime Line Up

These are the anime that I reviewed that came out of the Winter 2011-12 season. There are still a couple of on going anime and a bunch of OVAs and specials I do plan to watch and review. Ano Natsu is pending because I had a hard time enjoying the anime. Someone convince me that the anime isn’t just a clone of Onegai Teacher!!!!

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Ai no Kusabi (2012) Review

Hello there. This is review number twenty eight and I’ll be reviewing a yaoi anime. It’s an anime that is part of the unholy three. Yuri, yaoi and hentai represents my unholy three as these anime isn’t for everyone. It’s not really unholy, it’s just a buzzword I hope gets popular. Haha. I’ve been meaning to do a hentai review awhile back but after seeing the blogs in animenano, I decided to do it some other time. Perhaps when I get more reviews published.

This is part of the Winter 2012 line up so I had to review it. Ai no Kusabi 2012. It’s a four part yaoi OVA. Anyways, enough of the opening segment. Let’s read on.

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Zero no Tsukaima F Review

Hello there. This is review number twenty seven and I’ll be reviewing an anime that represented my college life a bit. There were three anime that I enjoyed watching when I was in college and they have a pretty neat backstory with them. They are Ghost Hunt, Welcome to the NHK and Zero no Tsuikama. Zero was an anime I asked a girl to watch because she was a comic book fan and keeps dissing anime. I told her to try it and tell me later if she hates it. She didn’t, she lighted up like a light bulb asking me for more anime. I had a crush on this girl so if she becomes Otaku, we can be closer and I can ask her out.

Life isn’t as rose colored as anime said it would be. She joined the college anime club and completely forgot about me. She’s now a cosplayer and a pretty popular one too. Ugh. F*cking story of my life. So yeah, Zero no Tsukaima was an anime close to me that taught me that you can’t pick up girls with anime. -__-

This is the final season of Zero no Tsukaima. The last time we’ll see Saito and Louise and all great people of this Harry Potter-esque anime. It is twelve episodes long. Let’s read on.

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