Introduction: The Pants are Coming Off

Hello there. This is my first post in my shiny new blog. My name is ** *** ( edit: I hid my name. Oh noob blogger giving out his name :p) but keeping with the gimmick of my blog, I am the pant-less blogger. I love anime and I’ve been watching ever since I could remember. I have a huge love for anime and I’ve sort dipped my toes in every genre. I’ve tried everything from mindless comedy series to drooling fast paced action up to disturbing hentai and everything in between.

I’m an active member in MAL ( and I’ve done some half assed reviews there. I love doing reviews and I’ve been doing so since I joined MAL back in 2008. I’ve been clamoring for something more so I packed up shop and moved here. I feel that I’m ready to brave the storm and officially join the anime blogosphere.

My blogs are mostly reviews and personal opinion about anime. I’m honestly not as smart as I hope I can be so my blogs are simple. I do hope you can appreciate its simple-ness. They’re spoilers free and I hope I can turn this small hobby of mine into something worthwhile.

I have a personal goal of reaching 1000 reviews. Every journey starts with a single step. I’m not certain if I’ll reach a thousand reviews. Heck, I’m not even sure I can reach a hundred since I always lose interest or chicken out when no one reads my works but that is the goal and pray the gods I can achieve it.

Let’s all enjoy them pant-less. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Introduction: The Pants are Coming Off

  1. Nice to meet you!

    I saw you on MAL recently and I was interested, so I checked out this whole astounding blog. Amazing really how much you added, and well done for the most part!

    Your English is quite amusing sometimes 🙂


    • I wrote this post completely green and not yet exposed to so many great/bad shows. I think it’s funny how much my writing style has grown. Today, even if my english sucks, I’d be anassh*le about it and convince people I know what I’m doing even though there are still problems with my use of tenses to form a continuity. XD


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