Wrap Up: March 2018

I forgot to publish this, lol. It was sitting around in my laptop all this time. March has come and gone, and April is almost over. Hey, it’s the perfect time for a wrap up. March is a pretty decent month, I guess. The Winter Games came to a close, and I reviewed two anime. I burned out hard, lol. Hpopefull the rest of April will be more productive. Now, onto the best moments!!! Continue reading

Tea Time with: Ameithyst

It’s the end of the month, and it’s time for tea once again. For this month, I invited Ameithyst from Treasure Box for some tea. She talks about a lot of Japanese live action movies and series over at her blog. Since she’s knowledgeable on the topic, I figured I’d ask for her favorite movie. I have zero experience with anything live action, so I think this tea time collab is a good place to start as well. Ameithyst chose Wood Job – The Easy Life in Kamusari for her pick. It’s a 2014 movie about forestry, for the most part. Let’s read on. Continue reading